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the most successful spaces have personality – whether the project is commercial or residential. how do you give a space personality? you must understand its inhabitants! it is essential to dive further than solely understanding the number of occupants, desired aesthetic and future needs. we dive in and get to know our clients to create a space that is unique to you!


we allow our individual lights to shine! in the initial meeting, our clients (you!) gain sense of our personalities. we are welcoming; sharing our passions beyond design, as well as our humor and quirks. clients come to know us as individuals as well as their professional design team.

we are chatty! obviously, we must understand overall project goals, but a successful space requires a deeper conversation. we ask numerous questions and many may not feel relevant to the project, but the responses open doors to vast creative opportunities for our client's specific project.

we are flexible! we provide project management and design the first day of planning through the last day of construction. however, not everyone needs this. our passion is to create what our clients define as a 'confident space', which may only require half or one of our standard services.


be a “fly on the wall”. we attain precious information by observing clients as they go about their typical day, in their current space. we also research their work, website and social media to better understand what a "day in the life" entails.

go beyond the owner. we encourage owners to allow us the opportunity to extract information from all staff members, beyond their leadership. everyone has a role; we ensure it is accounted for in the new space.


we believe human interaction equals comfort. we strive for face to face meetings, even if via video conference. this keeps honest communication flowing!

we pick up the phone! we do not fear the phone and the time it takes to have a conversation. we enjoy chatting with our clients, hearing how about their day and then getting down to business.

we show up. showing up takes longer but awards us a wealth of information we could not gather from a string of emails. it also gives our clients more confidence in our dedication to them.

we are a boutique design firm for a reason: we want it to be personal, if it cannot be personal, it cannot truly be your space. the energy gained from client interaction fuels the creativity and innovation revel design requires to remain a boutique design firm and deliver you a space that is reflective of your personality!


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