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here at revel – we are open minded, hardworking, honest, talented (we feel anyway) and driven individuals…. everything it takes to create a successful business, right?

wrong! we would not be where we are today if it were not for the mentors who guide us. No matter what industry you are in, finding a mentor and being a mentor can change your trajectory.

who are they?

true or false – the best mentors are typically leaders in their company and 15 years your elder.

false! a mentor can also be a peer mentor (someone your age/level) or someone with more experience. great if you have a mix of both!

each of us possess unique strengths. the more willing we are to learn from others, despite hierarchy, the better we and our team will become. the best mentors are individuals who are not only interested in mentoring but also in being the mentored themselves.

Mentorship in interior design.

where do you find them?

mentors are hidden gems lying right beneath your nose; however, if you are not willing to put in some work to make a connection, you will never discover them!

you need to be truly open to learning from others. some mentorships form over time after having the opportunity to work together. maybe you are sitting right next to a future mentor in your office or classroom.

some will never know you consider them a mentor but you watch them and learn from afar (examples - community leaders or leaders in your industry, public speakers, famous individuals). some will become life-long friends, continuously challenging and learning from one another. you may have different mentors for different “topics”, the more the merrier.

why should you find mentors?

the most influential people in your life, in the world, did not become great on their own. they formed healthy relationships in-which they improved themselves as well as provided value to someone else.

mentor relationships prevent people from becoming stale, from stunting professional and personal growth. If you desire continued growth, mentorship paves the way. if you desire to work in a bubble and never know what you are missing, then go for it…. but most people do not define that as success (or fun) 😊.

Your ego is not your amigo. Mentorship in interior design.

take away:

- the foundation of mentoring and being mentored is an open mind. an open mind to learning, constructive criticism, considering a new mind set and to offering something to the mentor in return.

- mentorship is not a one-way street; you should also provide value to your mentor… give as much as you take!

- mentorship is the greatest opportunity to grow and become competitive, well-rounded individuals in your industry.

start seeking those hidden gems…. they are there for the taking!


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