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good design goes beyond having just a beautiful space. and though that is the end goal of most clients, it is also about making your business run smoothly, be more profitable and function to its highest potential. everyone deserves a space that only looks amazing, but also reflects your story, personality, and goals. teaming up with an interior designer helps you to achieve all of these things during the design process, construction and through construction completion; resulting in a successful space that is carefully studied, strategically planned and curated, to best meet your needs.

full scope designers are experts in all phases of design. they hold (at minimum) a four-year bachelor degree in interior design and/or interior architecture. the best training comes with time, so it is important to look for a designer with hands-on experience, not only in design, but also playing an active role on the construction site, to better understand how buildings are constructed. A full scope designer has the ability to complete projects of many sizes, from a ground up build, to a small renovation.

finding and hiring a full scope designer is worth your time and investment; here’s what to look for!


typically, projects start with some kind of cost estimating. this sets an expectation for both you, the owner and the design team. designers can help guide the design so projects are completed within budget – score!

designers actually save you money in the long run, by helping to minimize expensive mistakes that may be overlooked without one.

designers watch for your best interest when recommendations or pricing is submitted from other consultants/contractors, if it is not in alignment with your budget or goals, the designer will address it.

designers bring you a design through, planning, finishes, construction documentation and furniture that meets your budget, is installed on time, AND meets building code – a huge benefit for you!

interior designers have an extensive list of resources and unique, trade-only connections for finishes, art, and furniture that is not only unique to your brand, but extra dollars in your pocket!

"as individuals, they have shown they can identify, interpret detail, communicate, establish and produce. i can only imagine the outcome of projects with these two putting their heads together. they are both truly exceptional designers." scott p.


designers identify your project’s needs in the first phase of design, programming. this programming, outlined through conversations and observations, is used as a guide to keep refining those needs throughout the design process.

as a result of programming, designers should identify ways the new build or renovation can support new and/or improved streamlined processes within your office.

designers work to maximize your space and mold it to the unique contours of your business.

don’t forget about the consideration of future growth and changes within that environment. your designer will plan ahead and make your space as flexible as you need.

ultimately, these processes help to solve current problems in workplace, so that the new space functions flawlessly.

"it is always a pleasure to work with someone that professional, detailed and understands the owner's needs." -tracy p.


a successful designer will incorporate your brand into the space, to ensure it speaks directly to who you are and the story you have to tell.

designer lead the on-boarding of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural engineers so the infrastructure of your space properly supports the design.

they also identifying contractors that can construct your project, as well as issue projects for competitive pricing if required.

designers provide construction administration; working as a point of contact between you and your contractors, to ensure the project is being built to meet your design intent.

a designer will help guide furniture selection, specification and installation coordination to complement your design.

your designer will work hard to curate a project that reflects your personality, rather than a trend of the moment.

"...if you are seeking to hire an all-around great design team, you should start with revel design. they exude creativity, professionalism, and listening skills. " - scott p.


act as a single point of contact between you, the consultants and contractors required to bring designs to fruition.

managing a project of any size can be time consuming and overwhelming. hiring a design team helps free up your time, to do what you do best! you should not be spinning your wheels on the design and construction process.

"we'll start anywhere and follow it everywhere! we show up, we listen, we try new things. with zeal, hustle and a bit of quirk, we move clients from concept to completion." - revel design

at revel, we love the relationships and trust that is developed along the way. we are not just checking a project off our list; we are as invested in your project as you are. through clear communications across all parties, we deliver all of the personal attention that your project deserves, in a stress-free package.

revel design proudly provides full scope interior design services, whether you are small and mighty or a bit more seasoned. whether you are laid-back, eclectic or want an opulent experience, we integrate our one-of-a-kind boutique methods into these services, no matter your project size or style!


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